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Categories of therapists
There are 3 categories of modern shamans, consisting of those who:

Originate from an unbroken shamanic custom and continue to practice in that custom, normally in their native culture.

Originate from a shamanic tradition, but serve to bridge between that custom and the modern-day Western world, typically by adding events and rituals that were not necessary in their native culture.
Are called by Spirit to serve the requirements of their neighborhood as shamans, though they might be long separated culturally from their original shamanic roots.
How can shamanism benefit your health and health and wellbeing?
Individuals might seek shamanic recovery for various conditions. If they are living within a shamanic culture, shamanic healing is typically part of a multidisciplinary technique utilized for any illness or imbalance, in collaboration with physical therapists, botanical medications, changes in diet, and other therapies.

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