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Every user or organisation is confronted with the dilemma whilst buying a new printer. Most clients operate under strict budgetary limitations and it is only normal to consider initial purchase prices and distance limitations. But, it is prudent to take under account the long-term operating expenses associated with the specific printer.

The selection of printer will, largely, depend on your own needs. Inkjet printers are often ideal for home users that have limited text and photo printing needs. Laser printers tend to be better suited to bigger office environments with high-volume and high quality printing demands.
The differences between a laser and a inkjet printer are generally categorised into a few broad sections, namely, cost (initial and maintenance), speed, quality, distance and media facilities. It's also crucial to understand the technology behind the production of their laser toners and ink cartridges since it is a major contributing factor to the cost.
The technologies used for inkjet cartridges is easier and the pieces are less costly than the laser toners. The black inkjet cartridge includes just black ink. The color inkjet printer includes two main ink cartridges, for black and additional primary colors respectively.
The main colors are subsequently divided into three compartments for cyan, magenta and yellow ink. The main colours are consequently combined to make all other colors. The cartridge contains a reservoir which has pockets with alloy plates and a number of small nozzles on the print head of the cartridge.
The amount of holes or nozzles is dependent upon the resolution of this printer. It's generally 21 - 128 nozzles per color. The ink gets heated, when the weather starts flowing through the metallic plates, after the printing command is provided. The warmth causes vapor bubbles to form inside the cartridge and make the ink swell upward.
The ink then flows out in droplets from the nozzles onto the paper in a couple of milliseconds. A vacuum is created (once the ink droplet flows out) which brings more ink to the nozzles ensuring a continuous supply of droplets as required. This common technique is called Thermal Inkjet and also the coinage of the name'BubbleJets' by Canon has been because of this bubbling vapors.
The Laser toners utilize a more elaborate and more intricate technology. A powder called Toner is used by laser printers, fax machines and photocopiers to print text and graphics on photo and laser paper. Initially carbon powder has been used but now manufacturers utilize disposable cartridges which can sometimes be refilled.
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The toner is transferred to the paper from the drum. The toner includes special wax that melts and dries in milliseconds. After the toner is transferred, the fuser applies heat and pressure to create a durable image. The fuser system is made up of the hot-roll and the back-up roller.

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